Ramon Santos and Francisco Feliciano: Contemporizing Filipino musical traditions

Note: Reprinted from   http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/164688/ramon-santos-and-francisco-feliciano-contemporizing-filipino-musical-traditions#ixzz3MpjSJpXI  

Ramon P. Santos and Francisco F. Feliciano are celebrated contemporary composers and noted pedagogues. They have received international awards and their works have been critically acclaimed.
They were buddies at the University of the Philippines College of Music, where they took their undergraduate course in composition and conducting.
Both come from the vast province of Rizal and were born on the same year, 1941: Santos was born in Pasig and Feliciano in Morong.

Klintang - Enzo

This is Enzo's interpretation of Ramon Santos Klintang. An Avante Garde piece that mimic the Kulintang percussion instrument from Maguindanao. 


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